Filthy Secrets

Dark, devious and downright dirty songs and sketches from the mischievous minds of cabaret mistress Karin Muiznieks and repeat offender Nick Caddaye. Relax, pour yourself a wine, and let "Filthy Secrets" tickle your... fancy...

"Filthy Secrets" plumbs the forbidden depths of the human mind - from sensual desire to murderous intent - the thoughts usually hidden and suppressed by civilsed folk. Tonight we tear down the facade of upper-class decency and reveal the raw, animalistic vulgarity behind the pearls and cigars.

From the creators of "The Anarchist Guild Social Committee" and "World War Wonderful" (Green Room nominee: Best Original Songs.)

Directed by Scott Gooding.

Performed by Karin Muiznieks, Louise McCrae, Luke Hales and Cameron Thomas.

"Deliciously satisfying... this is indeed something big." - ArtsHub

"Wicked, witty, tight and tuneful" - The Pun "Sexy, sly, articulate... 10/10" - RHUM

"Is Nick Caddaye the Svengalis of Melbourne Sketch Comedy? He Probably is." - The Groggy Squirrel.